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We’ve all been there. That moment of surprise and panic when you start your car and hear the click-click-click-silence of a dead battery. If you’re lucky, it turns over on the second or third try and you’re on your way—hopefully to Benny Boyd for an immediate car battery replacement!

But before we put a new car battery in, we do free car battery testing and charging to make sure you actually require a replacement. If a new one is called for, we'll help you find the proper battery for your type of vehicle and power needs. Is there any way to know you need a new car battery before you actually get stranded? You bet your boots.

How To Predict A Power Failure

Of course, there’s the occasional morning when a good car battery is dead because a dome light was accidently left on the night before. A quick jump and a decently long drive before turning the car off again is the usual fix. But during any given year, more than one-third of the vehicles on our roads will need a new car battery. How can you tell if yours is one of them?

If you live where the summers are extremely hot—are there any other kind here in Texas?---your battery will take more of a beating. The same holds true if your driving consists of a lot of short trips.

Here’s a list of some more indications that car battery service at Benny Boyd’s should be in your very near future:

  • Your engine is slow to crank
  • Your “Check Engine” light is on
  • Your battery fluid is low
  • Your battery has corrosion around its posts
  • Your battery case is swollen or bloated looking
  • Your battery is at or past its 3-year mark

Get The Jump On Better Battery Replacement

We’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years about which car batteries can be counted on. Those are absolutely the only brands we’ll install. Because we believe you shouldn’t give your new car battery’s dependability another thought for the next three to four years. Better battery brands and service begins and ends at one place—Benny Boyd, y’all!

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