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Brake Service You Can Count On

All it takes to remind you about the crucial role car brakes play in your driving safety is just one instance when they respond too slowly—or not at all! Making a brake check at Benny Boyd part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance isn’t just a safety consideration—it’s a money-saving one, too. Allowing brake pads to wear down, not replacing brake fluids regularly and neglecting to check vital components like hoses or calipers can lead to brake repair that’s far more costly in the long run.

Here at Benny Boyd, we move heaven and earth –along with a lot of brake fluid drums and elbow grease—to make certain your car brakes can be counted on. Our brake service specialists are trained to recognize potential and existing problems, then repair them expertly and affordably.

Are You On The Road To Brake Trouble Right Now?

Sometimes you can squeak by postponing car repairs or ignoring symptoms for the moment. In the case of your car brakes, this is NOT a good move. Ask yourself the follow questions:

  • Do you hear grinding, squealing or screeching noise when applying your car brakes?
  • Do you have to apply a lot of pressure on your brake pedal before the brakes begin working?
  • Does your brake pedal vibrate or sink to the floorboard?
  • Does the steering wheel shake?
  • Does your car pull to one side or the other while you’re braking?

If you nodded “yes” to one or more of the questions, make a brake check with us a priority pronto.

The First Step In Our First-Rate Brake Service Is Free.

It all starts with a look. One very long, very detailed visual inspection. And it won’t cost you anything to let us look—we’ll do a complimentary brake check of the following parts:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake shoes
  • Brake Lines
  • Calipers
  • Hoses
  • Master Cylinders
  • Rotors

If we don’t find any existing or potential issues, you’re free to go! If brake service or brake repair is our recommendation, you’ll get a full estimate prioritized by necessity.

Whether it’s something simple like replacing brake pads or a more complicated brake repair, when it comes to brake service, we say “better brake at Benny’s.”

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