Emergency Towing

Need An Emergency Tow? Benny Boyd’s Ready To Go! Plus We’re FREE. 512-566-7008

Being stranded by your normally trustworthy vehicle and needing an emergency tow is a major drag. If you’re sitting in traffic and smoke begins pouring from under your hood, Benny Boyd is ready to come to the rescue whenever and wherever you need us.

And there are a lot of good things going for you when you call on Benny Boyd’s emergency towing service.

  • Our response time is fast. We’ll give you as accurate an ETA as possible so you won’t worry.
  • Our tow drivers are experienced and trustworthy. The last thing you should worry about is more damage to your vehicle.
  • Our emergency tow prices are, far and away, the most reasonable around because we are Free.

No Towing Emergency Too Small OR Too Big

We realize anytime your car, truck or SUV has left you high and dry on a shoulder, sopping wet in a ditch, frazzled and late to an appointment or frightened and thankful to be alive, you need urgent help. Benny-on-the-spot when it comes to getting you out of a tough spot. And providing you with safety and peace-of-mind.

Keep Our Emergency Towing Number Handy – 512-566-7008

You never know when you’ll need emergency towing. You could be hundreds of miles from home or still sitting in your driveway. It could happen in the middle of the morning or the middle of the night. That’s why it’s called an emergency. Keep our number in your phone, in the glove box of your vehicle or tattoo it on your person where you can always read it when you need to, but above all keep it handy. It’s your Benny Boyd go-to number when you need it the most!